Yes, I am alive

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. I have been busy, tired, sick. Just not around. I know. I suck.

I really should not have an excuse anymore because I got myself a shiny new netbook that i can type on til my little heart is content while relaxing in front of the tv. But you know.. Stuff just slips my mind.

Work is good. The Christmas psychos were out in full effect this year driving me batty.

Speedy is amazing. She had a wonderful Christmas. Mind you she always does.

Raspy is awesome. When isnt he?

And that is really all the interesting stuff happening in my life. I know. Boring right.

I will try and update more for the one or 2 lurkers that are still around.


Merry Christmas Pond Cat

Tonight we went on an adventure searching for the home of Pond Cat.

Pond Cat is a cat that hangs out... at the pond. The duck pond we have behind our house. He hangs out there all spring/summer/fall and lies in the sun by the water, watching the ducks go by and talking to all the passer by's. Sometimes we don't even see him. He sees us, gets up, meows and comes to 'hug' our legs. He is so cute. So friendly. He comes from a well loved home.

His home is behind the pond. I often see him going up or down the path. I had a vague idea which house it was but I was not 100%.

Speedy mentioned that she would like to get Pond Cat a Christmas gift. So a few weeks back I bought a little stuffed mouse ornament from work and I shoved it in a Mason jar with some catnip in it. Sealed the bad boy up and left it.

Tonight, Speedy decided was the night to give Pond Cat his gift. She wanted to give him a card also. We really had no clue of this poor cats name so we wrote on it "To Pond Cat and Family".

I wrapped the catnippy mouse in a piece of tissue paper and off we went.

"i think it is this one" I said. "yeah me too" Speedy happily agreed.

We knocked. A man came to the door and I asked him if the orange cat lived there. He said no, and asked if something was wrong with the cat. I told him no and that we have a gift for this cat and we are trying to find his home. The man said there is an orange cat in the next row. Same door, one row over. PERFECT! I thanked him and we went on.

We rang the doorbell. A very chipper man came to the door. "yes?" he said. "Does the orange cat live here?" I asked.

"Yes he does" the man said.

"Perfect! Ok so here is the deal. Your cat is our friend. We call him Pond Cat. We love Pond Cat. He hangs out beside us all summer long while we feed the ducks and he is just adorable. This is my daughter and she said she wanted to give Pond Cat a Christmas gift. So I bought this stuffy mouse ornament, shoved it in a jar with catnip and now we are here to give this to you for him."

The man smiled HUGE. It was sweet. "really? are you serious?" I said yes and I handed him the gift and the card. I told him that Pond Cat could gladly share with his brother or sister cats but I hope he gets to enjoy it.

The man was floored. Mind you, I think if someone brought a gift to my cat I would be also LOL. He thanked us about 3 times and even offered to bring the cat down to the door so Speedy could wish him a Merry Christmas. I told him it was fine, leave Pond Cat warm and happy inside and just give him a rub from us.

Just as I was about to walk away I said "OH! wait! What is his name anyways?"

The man replied "James"

James Pond Cat. I like it.

Merry Christmas Pond Cat and I hope you love your little present ♥


Happy Birthday Speedy!

Yep. That big girl over there on the far left.. That is the girl that went to bed an 11 year old and will wake up a 12 year old.

12. 12! I cannot believe this. Seriously. My baby is 12. This is wrong.

She is my sweet girl that tells me she loves me a bazillion times a day. She still loves to snuggle on the couch (even though we barely fit) and watch a movie. She likes to hold me hand walking down the street. How can she be 12.

12 years have flown by. 12 years ago as I type this i was just starting labor (it is just after 10 pm right now but I am autoposting for when she was born). I remember it like it was yesterday. And yet here I sit, listening to her dozy giggles in bed because she is supposed to be sleeping but is so excited tomorrow is her day.



My Sweet Tween ♥

My girl is in junior high now. I have a hard time just typing that. It really did not set in much with me. I mean, she went to school in September, she went to grade 7, yeah I knew it was junior high but it did not really scream junior high.

She is in a Special Ed class and she is also about 4 years delayed (she works at the rate more like a 7-8 year old) so none of this was really REAL junior high. She doesn't care for boys, there is no tolerance for bullying in her class. They just do their work and have a fun time.

Then her agenda came home Monday with a note saying "School Dance! Friday! $3.oo" and she was a little excited about it. "HOLY SHIT! My baby is going to a school dance! What the fuck?!" was pretty much the reaction my brain had.

Monday night I asked her about the dance and if she wanted to go. She shrugged and said she did not know. I asked her why and she said "well.. what do you do? where is it?" so I explained to her that it is usually in the gym and they have party lights and loud music and it is fun. That seemed like a good enough answer so she let it be.

Tonight we talked about it some more. She said that she doesn't know about going and if there is a movie somewhere, she would rather do that. I told her to ask one of her friends in class if they are going and could she hang out with them if she is shy and unsure.

That is when she said 'well Jeffry already asked me to go and I told him no'




My girl turned down a boy. I find it funny and sad all at the same time. Now granted, this little boy is a sweet boy. He and Speedy have been together since Grade 3 so he knows her. I don't know if he was asking her so much as a date to the dance rather then just a buddy to hang out with. I explained to her that it is ok to go to the dance with him because that does not mean they have to slow dance together. It just means that they can hang out and have a fun time.

So now she is thinking about changing her flat out no to a possible "ok but we are not slow dancing cause that is gross"

Man. I swear just yesterday she was a little cooing butterball searching for her next meal at the boob buffet. How did this happen so fast.


♥Sweetheart Saturday♥

Once a month blogging? I need to stop this. Things have been busy at Casa Jobthingy. Christmas season is in full swing so that means work is crazy. Speedy turns 12 this upcoming week and that makes me sad but happy. Sad because my baby is turning 12... 12! But happy because she has overcome so many hurdles.

And now onto my love. I had to share this picture. There was a time when the man was so allergic to cats this could never happen. BadGirl loves Daddy and she is very content (as you can see) on his lap. We are all happy he has built up an immunity to her ♥


♥Sweetheart Saturday♥

I don't have much to say this week other than...

.. .-.. --- ...- . -.-- --- ..- -... --- -.-- ..-. .-. .. . -. -..



♥Sweetheart Saturday♥ and yes I am still alive

First off, I am still alive. I just have been busy and when I actually sit down to write lately I have nothing. not a thing. So I figured if I just let it be for a while the bug might come back.

However I could not let this weekend go buy without giving Raspy some shout out love. He is a shy lad, but he went ALL out for halloween this year with me and I loved every freaking minute of it.

We were (un)dead disco with 2 other friends.

We looked awesome and I had to share :)